Sandali Attars

Go through the wide range of Sandal Attars which are popular scent all throughout the world, conjuring up images of soft breezes, peaceful areas, and a sense of serenity and calm. These attars are used as perfumes, but they can also be used medicinally. They are also most typically used to treat migraines and headaches. Sandal Attars are available in huge varieties such as Sandali Jasmine Attar, Sandali Kewra Attar, Sandali Mitti Attar, Sandali Rose Attar, and Sandali Saffron Attar. They are preferred in the winter since they are thought to raise body temperature. These attars are very effective to use and have the power to relax muscles and relieve pain.

Sandali Jasmine Attar
Sandali Kewra Attar
Sandali Mitti Attar
Sandali Rose Attar
Sandali Saffron Attar
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