We Shubham Natural Fragrances offers Natural Essential Oils. Apricot Oil is obtained from the seed kernels of Prunus armeniaca. It is a hard tree, bearing stone fruit, closely related to the peach. Apricot oil is pressed from the kernels of the Prunus armeniaca (apricot). The kernels have an oil content of 40-50%. The oil is similar to almond oil and peach oil, both of which are also extracted from the kernels of the respective fruit. Apricot oil and almond oil are used similarly in cosmetics to soften skin. Apricot oil can be used on the scalp to improve its condition.

Botanical Name- Prunus Armeniaca

Extraction Method- Cold Pressed

Color & Odor- Colorless pale yellow liquid.

Uses- To enrich protein and vitamin content small amounts of Avocado Oil is typically added to other carrier oils. It is predominantly used by manufacturers particularly in soaps, lotions, creams and massage therapists.

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