Ambergris Oil

  • Ambergris Oil
  • Ambergris Oil
  • Ambergris Oil
  • Ambergris Oil
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50 Gram $29.40
100 Gram $52.80
250 Gram $125.00
500 Gram $246.00
1 Kg $488.00
5 Kg $2,392.00
10 Kg $47,336.00
25 Kg $11,590.00


Ambergris, a solid, wax-like substance that originates in the intestines of a sperm whale is used in both, Eastern and Western culture. In East, people use it in medicines, potions and as a spice, while in West it is majorly used for stabilizing the fragrance of fine perfumes. When it is fresh, it can be determined by its black color, soft touch and a disagreeable odor. Exposure to air, sunlight and seawater makes it hard and its color fades to a light gray or yellow. By this time, it develops a subtle and pleasant fragrance. It is mainly found on the coasts of Africa, Japan, China and the Bahamas.  

Botanical Name-


Color & odor-

This dark brown in color viscous liquid has an ambery sweet musky heavy odor with depth and radiance.

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