Lavender Aromatherapy Oil

  • Lavender Aromatherapy Oil
  • Lavender Aromatherapy Oil
  • Lavender Aromatherapy Oil
  • Lavender Aromatherapy Oil
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Lavender Aromatherapy Oil is extracted from lavender flowers. Aromatherapy makes extensive use of this oil. This oil is also used in the production of cosmetics, talcum powder, and perfumes, among other things. This oil can help with anxiety, sadness, nausea, menstrual cramps, and a variety of other issues. Lavender Aromatherapy Oil is rubbed on the feet, temples, and wrists to relieve pain and promote sleep. This oil is really simple to use and handle. This oil is both effective and cost-efficient. This is great to apply and safe for your skin and hair.


We Shubham Natural Fragrances offers Natural Aromatherapy Oil. Lavender is most commonly used in aromatherapy. The fragrance from the oils of the lavender plant is believed to help promote calmness and wellness. It’s also said to help reduce stress, anxiety, and possibly even mild pain. Lavender is a multipurpose plant. People use lavender in many ways to promote good health and well-being.

Botanical Name-

Lavandula Officinalis

Extraction and Application-

Lavender is extracted from the flowers of the plant and steam distilled. Lavender can be used several different ways. Given the origin of its name, it’s a wonderful essential oil to use in a bath. Many massage therapists use it to help relax their clients. Add a few drops to a diffuser or even your pillow before bedtime to get a good night’s sleep.

Aromatherapy Benefits & Uses-

Lavender oil is believed to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to heal minor burns and bug bites. Lavender Oil has been used to treat many different ailments, including Mental health issues, Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression, Headaches, Hair loss, Nausea, Acne, Toothaches, Skin irritations, Cancer etc.


Discontinue use if you suffer an allergic reaction when using Lavender.

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