Ambrette Seed Oil

  • Ambrette Seed Oil
  • Ambrette Seed Oil
  • Ambrette Seed Oil
  • Ambrette Seed Oil
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50 Gram $22.45
100 Gram $38.90
250 Gram $90.50
500 Gram $176.50
1 Kg $349.00
5 Kg $1,710.00
10 Kg $3,385.50
25 Kg $8,288.75


Our company, Shubham Natural Fragrances has experience in offering natural essential oils. One in the many essential oils offered is ambrette seed oil extracted from the sweet, floral smelling seeds of a medicinal plant in the Malvaceae family called Ambrette. This plant is grown in India, China, Indonesia and West Indies. The completely ripened kidney-shaped seeds are processed to extract oil from them. Apart from fragrances, the matured ambrette seed oil is used in flavors. It is essential to allow this oil to mature for a few months in order to subdue the fatty acid notes and develop rich, sweet, floral-musky fragrance.  Ambrette Seed Oil is used for stomach and intestinal problems such as cramping, nausea, and loss of appetite, as well as stomach cancer. Headaches, muscle spasms, hysteria, gonorrhea, and lung issues are all treated with it. Ambrette is used in meals such as vermouths, bitters, and other beverages. Our provided Ambrette Seed Oil is used as a stimulant by some people. Snakebites have also been treated using it. This is used in the production of perfumes, soaps, detergents, creams, and lotions. It has a musky scent to it. It has a renowned toughness.

Botanical Name-

Abelmoschus moschatus Medik

Extraction Method-

Steam Distillation

Color & odor-

This is yellow-red color liquid which has sweet, rich & floral musky odor


This is as a flavoring agent and adding fragrance in perfumery industry. Arabs use the seeds for flavoring coffee. It is also beneficial in the treatment of fatigue, cramps, anxiety, depression, muscular pain and ache. 

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