Aloe Vera Carrier Oil

  • Aloe Vera Carrier Oil
  • Aloe Vera Carrier Oil
  • Aloe Vera Carrier Oil
  • Aloe Vera Carrier Oil

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Description- We Shubham Natural Fragrances offers Natural Essential Oils. Aloe vera oil is not pure oil extracted from the aloe plant. It is made by mixing the natural aloe vera gel in any carrier oil to enhance its properties and make it easy to apply. Cold pressed coconut oil is preferred oil, known for its natural healing properties. One can also add essential oils like rose, peppermint, lavender etc., to make the oil aromatic and added benefits.

Botanical Name-  Aloe Barbadensis Miller

Extraction Method- The method used to extract this oil is maceration. In this process, the herbal gel is mixed with oil at higher temperature. The oil soaks up nutrients from Aloe Vera gel. After some time, it is filtered to remove out the plant components. This oil extraction technique is used for many herbal oils.

Uses- Aloe Vera Oil is used for many disease Cancer prevention, Stomach health, Cosmetic uses, Solar and home burns, Scars, Constipation, Immune system, Skin health, Hair health, Massage oil, Aromatherapy, Anti-oxidant. This oil is also used in many cosmetics such as face wash, body lotions, shampoos, hair gels, etc

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ALOE VERA CARRIER OIL provides you long, dandruff-free tresses and young, silky, clear skin. Aloe oil, when used topically, heals injuries and protects against mosquito bites. Anti-inflammatory, wound-healing, and antibacterial properties are all present in this oil. Besides, this oil protects and hydrates your skin. ALOE VERA CARRIER OIL is high in vitamins and minerals, may help to revitalize your skin and hair cells. If taken on a regular basis, it may help to promote hair growth and nourish a dry, flaky scalp. Aslo, this oil is a specialist in skin and hair care.

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