Agarwood Oil

  • Agarwood Oil
  • Agarwood Oil
  • Agarwood Oil
  • Agarwood Oil
Our Price
50 Gram $25.90
100 Gram $45.80
250 Gram $107.50
500 Gram $211.00
1 Kg $418.00
5 Kg $2,048.00
10 Kg $4,054.60
25 Kg $9,927.50

We SHUBHAM NATURAL FRAGRANCES offer wide range of Natural  Agarwood Oil as per the client requirement. Natural Agarwood Oil is extracted from the wood of Agar. We manufacture Agarwood Oil of superior quality and supply it to various parts of India in many industries. The Pure Agarwood Oil produced by us is well-acclaimed for its intense natural aroma and high standard of quality. This is often used to produce perfumes of various types which are frequently used in the rituals of the Hindu, the Buddhist and the Islam religions. The Agarwood oil produced by us is also used in some valuable medicines. Among the Agarwood oil Manufacturers in India, we are counted on the top as we have been constantly maintaining the standard of quality since our establishment.

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