Curry Leaf Oil

  • Curry Leaf Oil
  • Curry Leaf Oil
  • Curry Leaf Oil
  • Curry Leaf Oil

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Description-We Shubham Natural Fragrances offers Natural Essential Oils. The curry tree is a small bush native to India that can be found growing almost everywhere in the Indian subcontinent excluding the higher levels of the Himalayas. In the East, its range extends into Burma.

Botanical Name- Murraya Koenigi

Extraction Method
- Steam Distillation

Color & Odor- Colorless to pale yellow clear liquid.
Uses- Aroma therapists use Curry Leaf Essential Oil against diabetes & hair loss.

Our Price
50 Gram $9.50
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250 Gram $25.50
500 Gram $47.00
1 Kg $90.00
5 Kg $441.00
10 Kg $873.00
25 Kg $2,137.50


There is curry leaf oil in our natural essential oils range that has a combination of sweet and bitter smell. Curry leaves are obtained from curry tree that is grown in many areas of Indian subcontinent. Steam distillation process is followed in which the oil is extracted from curry leaves. 

Botanical Name-

Murraya koenigi

Extraction Method-

Steam Distillation

Color & Odor-

This essential oils is colorless to pale yellow clear liquid which has strong, but pleasant smell.

Aroma therapists make use of this essential oil to promote hair growth, nourish the skin, and stimulate stomach functions. This oil can also improve eyesight and oral health. 

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