Bios De Rose Oil

  • Bios De Rose Oil
  • Bios De Rose Oil
  • Bios De Rose Oil
  • Bios De Rose Oil
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50 Gram $7.40
100 Gram $8.80
250 Gram $15.00
500 Gram $26.00
1 Kg $48.00
5 Kg $235.20
10 Kg $465.60
25 Kg $1,140.00


Rosewood oil is extracted from the Aniba rosaeaodora, also called as Aniba roseaodora var. amazonica of the Lauraceae family. This oil gets natural healing qualities from the plant. It is a pure essential oil that can cure several skin infections.  

Botanical Name-

Aniba rosaeodora

Extraction Method-

Steam Distillation

Color & Odor

This essential oil is colorless to pale yellow in color at 22°C temperature with characteristic and sweet odor

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries use this Bios De Rose Oil. It is good for the skin, as it can protect skin from dryness, acne, excessive oil, etc. It can effectively cure headache, cold, flu and frigidity.

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