Genda Attar

  • Genda Attar
  • Genda Attar
  • Genda Attar
  • Genda Attar
Our Price
50 Gram $7.75
100 Gram $9.50
250 Gram $16.25
500 Gram $29.50
1 Kg $55.00
5 Kg $269.50
10 Kg $533.50
25 Kg $1,306.25

We SHUBHAM NATURAL FRAGRANCES are the manufacturer and exporters of Genda Attar .Marigold flowers in Sandalwood oil, Genda Attar is seldom encountered outside of India. The commoness of the Marigold leads people to believe that there is nothing special about it, yet it's perfume is uniquely beautiful: very "green" and refreshing. In India, garlands of marigolds are given to symbolize friendship, loyalty and steadfastness in love.Genda Attar inspires long, deep breathing, making it useful for Yoga and meditation.Emotionally, Genda Attar is inspiring, fortifying and deeply calming.

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