Hina Attar

  • Hina Attar
  • Hina Attar
  • Hina Attar
  • Hina Attar
Our Price
50 Gram $9.15
100 Gram $12.30
250 Gram $23.75
500 Gram $43.50
1 Kg $83.00
5 Kg $338.50
10 Kg $805.10
25 Kg $1,971.25

We SHUBHAM NATURAL FRAGRANCES offer wide range of natural Hina Attar as per the client requirement. There is an aura of mystery surrounding the South Asian perfume known as Hina  It is a rich, deep and intensely oriental fragrance much prized in South Asia and the Middle East but relatively little known in the West. The term is also used in connection with the red paste produced from the leaves of the plant, Lawsonia inermis, which is popularly called Hina or Henna in the East. This red paste is used to decorate the hands and feet of women for special functions, especially marriage and it is also used to color the hair both for men and women. It is as popular in the Middle East as it is in South Asia. But the perfume is an entirely different product and there is a lot of confusion as to how it is made and the processes involved in its manufacture.

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