Gulab Attar

  • Gulab Attar
  • Gulab Attar
  • Gulab Attar
  • Gulab Attar
Our Price
50 Gram $10.55
100 Gram $15.10
250 Gram $30.75
500 Gram $57.50
1 Kg $111.00
5 Kg $544.00
10 Kg $1,076.70
25 Kg $2,636.25

We SHUBHAM NATURAL FRAGRANCES offer wide range of natural Gulab Attar as per the client requirement. Gulab Attar production unit is in Hasyan in India.It is also manufactured by bhapka process. Noorjahan the wife of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir is famous for having invented the attar of Roses. This is prepared from fresh flowers and suitable for all climates and occasions.
It is used in Cosmatic Products, Sweet supari Compound, Zarda Compound, Khaini Compound, Guthka Compound and Mouth Freshener Compound.

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