Bay Leaf Oil

  • Bay Leaf Oil
  • Bay Leaf Oil
  • Bay Leaf Oil
  • Bay Leaf Oil

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Description-We Shubham Natural Fragrances offers Natural Essential Oils. Bay Leaf Essential Oil is steam distilled from leaves of evergreen tropical bay tree. It has fresh, herbal fragrance & blends well with floral, herbal, citrus and spicy essential oil. Fresh bay leaves are very strongly aromatic but also quite bitter. An essential oil is a concentrated, aromatic, volatile liquid composed of small oil-like molecules.

Botanical Name- Laurus Nobilis

Extraction Method- Steam Distillation

Color & Odor- Pale yellow liquid with herbaceous, round, green aroma, smelling of the woods and slightly minty

Uses- Bay leaves are used to make perfumes to add fragrance to skin care products. Most popular use is in a liniment or massage oil to stimulant lymph and blood circulation. It improves memory and helps relieve headaches as well as sinus and lung congestion and useful for treating high blood sugar, migraine headaches, bacterial and fungal infections and gastric ulcers.It is also used as carrier oils for preservatives, mouth freshners, mouth wash, flavouring agents for spices and condiments.

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